About us

Deep in the heart of Melbourne, Baby Hands & Feet is an impressions business, family-owned and very productive. We specialize in the creation of premium quality keepsakes in 3D format to capture and preserve your baby’s hands and feet in casting. Our services are not limited to babies alone, we can create castings of your pets, older children, aging parents, and any adult around. Trust us! They always come out with the finest details attached to them.


Our professional services are friendly, comfortable, and affordable. We have an extensive range of beautiful frames, matt boards, laser engraved nameplates, and any custom options you would like to add. We also offer bronzing services for baby shoes, dummies, and hospital ID bands; anything that seems memorable to you.


Who doesn’t love custom made products? We know we do. So, good news! All the frames, impressions, and castings are handcrafted, finely made, and custom produced here In Australia. Best believe that that we put every bit of love we’ve got to offer into the artwork we make, this makes our work unique and unlike any other.


We are passionate about what we do, we love helping families create and preserve invaluable memories, and we get the utmost satisfaction from making these people happy. Pictures are beautiful, but we would love for you to have a unique piece of art on your wall, one that would showcase the real soul of everything that memory stands for.


All you have to do is stare at the impression, and you can smile when you remember those little details that you could have forgotten. All we want to do is meet your family and create impressions that you will always adore. You know how fast little ones grow, especially in their first year, every part of their body grows so fast, and you just need to preserve it physically.


I feel blessed to be doing what I love and what I’m passionate about. It is such an honour to help in creating an art that’s connected to life in more ways than one right from the cradle. It's amazing to have the opportunity to preserve these milestones in fine art portraits that will stand the test of time. It is an awesome feeling and it's hard not to love these little ones who are the superstars of every session