Framed Casting

To give you the perfect keepsake, we use premium quality products for the moulding, and it is 100% safe for all ages. 

Acrylic Box

Acrylic Box

Our acrylic box is clear, modern and new to the market. This beautiful range will showcase the impressions from different angles. The acrylic box is only suitable for babies up until 4 months of age.

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What is the best age to get the Casting?

While we create impressions for babies and children, we also think impressions come better at certain ages. Hand and foot castings are easier for younger babies from new born till 4 months because they are calmer and it gives room for better creations.  However, castings can be done at any age. Please note that if your child is 1 year and over, we can only offer hand casting (no feet).

It does not take us more than 60 seconds to take the mould for each hand or foot. We use a seaweed based quality casting material that is safe and non-toxic. If you have any questions please feel free to call or email us at

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